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Stults Farm History

Stults Farm, Cranbury NJ

1915 Clifford Addison Stults purchased the 93 acre farm. Crops were potatoes and wheat.
Original Farm Wagon   Original Farm Wagon today   Clifford A. Stults

1944 His son Stanley C. Stults began farming with his father.
First Farm Tractor - 1930

1950 Stanley C. Stults took over the farming business from his father Clifford Addison Stults.

1966 Stanley C. Stults bought the farm from his father’s estate.

1968 Stanley C. Stults’ son Stanley C. Stults, Jr. graduated from high school and they began farming together. Soybeans were added along with potatoes and wheat crops.

1971 Stanley C. Stults and Stanley C. Stults, Jr. formed a partnership in the farming business. Stanley C. Stults, Jr. married Jill Ellen Roszel.

Late 1970’s and early 1980’s they leased and farmed 600 acres, growing potatoes, field corn, soybeans and wheat.

1984 Stanley C. Stults, Jr. and Jill Ellen Stults purchased the farm from Stanley C. Stults. The partnership was ended and Stanley C. Stults retired. Leased farmland was becoming unavailable due to the increased demand for housing developments. Diversifying into high density crops was essential to support the farm mortgage. "Pick Your Own" strawberries and peas was added along with the usual 140 ac. of potatoes, some wheat and soybeans.

1986 "Pick Your Own" sweet corn and vegetables was added to the farming operation.

1987 The Stults Farm entered into the 8 year Municipally approved Farmland Preservation Program.

1988 An application was made for a development easement purchase thru the N.J. Farmland Preservation Program.

1990 January 5th the development easements were purchased by Middlesex County and State of N.J. The Stults Farm was the first farm in Middlesex County to be permanently preserved through the Farmland Preservation Program!
Hand picking potatoes

1990 On February 12th a farm machinery auction was held to sell all of the potato related equipment as the Stults Farm was discontinuing growing potatoes and would solely concentrate on growing different kinds of fruits and vegetables for "Pick Your Own".
Family Pumpkin Picking

1995 Purchased 106 acres of prime farmland that had just been permanently preserved through the Farmland Preservation Program. This 106 acres was contiguous to the 93 acre Stults Farm.

1997 Stanley C. Stults, Jr. and his son Brian C. Stults (age 22) formed a partnership in farming.
The Stults Generations

Present time: A family farm since 1915, the Stults Family owns, manages and are the work force on the farm. The main source of income is by direct market selling of their fruits and vegetables though "Pick Your Own" and their Farmstand. Wheat and soybeans are also grown as rotation crops.

Our farm is 200 acres of beautifully maintained preserved farmland. Our hard working farm family consists of owners Stanley and Jill Stults, along with their son Brian, his wife Jennifer and their two daughters and one son. Also making up the farm family is Stanley and Jill’s daughter Amy along with her husband Michael and their two children. The Stults Family takes great pride in their farm family heritage and in the meticulous care of their family farm.
The Stults Generations   The Stults Generations   Stults Farm

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